2 Bedroom House Plans

Today, we will talk about an idea of 2 bedroom house plans. Usually for new couple, the 2 bedroom in a house is an ideal choose. While they didn’t have much of people inside the house so they just need small house. Sometimes people are confusing to manage the space of the house, especially when it was just a small house. Maybe they will need service of an architect or design interior to organize the space as well. To manage the rooms in small house is quiet tricky, there are some things that we need to pay attention of. So there will be waste space. Below is the explanation for each room.

  • Bedroom

First is about bedroom. As it 2 bedroom house plans, the amount of bedroom should be two. Two bedroom can be consists of one main bedroom and another is guest bedroom or it might be child room. It based to what is your needs. From the picture, the house divided into two which a half will be two bedrooms and the rest is for other rooms. The main bedroom has a minimalist bathroom. The main bedroom is also bigger than another.

  • Living room

Because the house space is small, so the living room is be at one with family room. That’s no problem and its better than to give another living room while your space is not enough. How to do that? You can design as same with living room and gives extra television. Tips, it’s better if it placed in open space room means like not in a specific square room. That’s to make your house look bigger. Here you can also put some decorations to decorate the living rooms. For examples, the family picture, the painting, standing lamp, rugs or book shelf.

  • Kitchen

The kitchen placed besides the living room. It isn’t exactly beside the living room, there is some space between it. From the picture we can see that there is no block between it. That’s pretty cool, to makes the people inside the house closer because there is no block between one to another room. But, because it was opened between two rooms so please make sure that you have cooker hood. Meanwhile when you cook, the smell is not go around the house. It will be better if there is no bar kitchen to maximize the kitchen space.

Tips and trick for minimalist 2 bedroom house plans

  1. Put some mirror around the house to make the house look bigger
  2. Use the bright color as to make it bigger
  3. Try to designed open rooms, there is no block between one another
  4. Do not put too much decoration, if you want just put the hanging decorations
  5. Put one of two plants inside the house to give air circulation
  6. Use the combination stuff, likes two in one chair or anything

That is all about the 2 bedroom house plan example for minimalist house. Hope it will inspire you. Thank you