24 Inch Bathroom Vanity

Today we are going to talk about the 24 inch bathroom vanity. Bathroom vanity is like a cabin that has sink and rack to put the bathroom needs, such as towel, shampoo, soap or anything. 24 inch bathroom vanity is relative have small size. It’s more like the single cabin. The materials of bathroom vanity are can be steel, wood or plastic. The materials, design, color and quality affect the price. Below is the variant of 24 inch bathroom vanity.

  • The first picture is 24 inch bathroom vanity for the corner. The shaped is like ¼ a circle. It cans great choice for those who have small bathroom. Because it didn’t waste space. This corner vanity bathroom has a sink and two racks below. The benefit of this style is not waste so much space but the weakness is hard to put the mirror except you have unique mirror.
  • Second is floating vanity bathroom. The shape is float in the wall and have no foots. It consist of two racks below, but maybe the upside one is have no space because there is sink. The benefit of this style is not waste so much space, while you can put something below the vanity. The weakness is having not too much space inside the rack or cabin. So for those who have so much stuff, it is not suitable for you.
  • The third 24 inch vanity bathroom is very simple. Its stand like a table but the upside there is sink. It’s made by wood combine with sink materials. There is no rack, it’s just look like’s rack but actually it is open container. The good thing of this design is looks very simple. But the bad one is have not so much place to put the stuffs. While the container is just one. So maybe, you will need another rack if you have so much stuff.
  • This one is modern vanity bathroom. The sink placed outside the shelf. It maximizes the space, just see there are 9 small racks. The unique of this 24 inch vanity bathroom is the sink looks like glass container and it’s not taking the rack space. Because it upside the rack. The goods of this vanity are having 9 racks, so we can put many things. But the bad also comes from those racks which is the size is too small, so the big stuffs would not fit in. For example big towel.

  • This 24 inch vanity bathroom is can be the ideal one. It haves one big rack and a towel rack below. The materials of this design can be wood or metal. The sink placed inside the vanity shelf as well. The goods of this design are having different towel place and have big size of rack. So much of stuffs can put inside. The bad one is we cannot maintain the stuffs. For example the small size stuff will be hard to fine if there are a lot of stuffs inside the rack.

That’s all about the 24 inch vanity bathroom. Basically, no one have perfect design. So just adjust with what you love the most and which one is suitable for you. Hope it will inspire you, thank you.