3 Bedroom House Plans

Hay, are you looking for 3 bedroom house plans? You are in the right place. This article will be discus about 3 bedroom house plans that will help you to fins the house inspiration, especially the house with 3 bedrooms. 3 bedrooms in a house usually owned by the people that life with more than 3 or 4 people in a house. Actually 3 bedroom house plans not always need big house, sometimes it just need the trick how to maximize the room. Here we will provide one example of the 3 bedroom house plans and the explanation. Let’s check it out,

From the picture, the house designed with three bedrooms consists of one main bedroom and two regular bedrooms. There are three bathrooms which are two inside the bedroom and one outside the bedroom. The house also consists of a living room, a terrace, a kitchen and one dining room.Even though, the house seems small but the rooms are complete enough. Here are the detail explanations.

  • Bedroom

There are three bedrooms in that house, one main bedroom and two are regular. The last two can be used as guest bedroom, child bedroom or maid’s room.As usual, main bedroom must be bigger than the other. The main bedroom is for the owner which has been equipped with the bathroom. Those three bedroom have king size bed with two cabin in right and left side, a cupboard and television. Even though the space is not so big, but it’s enough to put those stuffs. The bedrooms located in the rearward of the house.

  • Living room

The living room will be the one that you meet first when you come to the house. It placed after the main door. The living room here used to be at one with family room. We can see the television that placed in the living room. The living room in the picture also not put much sofa, just with two pieces of three seater sofas confronting. There are also two small cabins besides each sofa that can use to put magazine and decoration upside. To make the room feel warm, they put a rug in the living room.

  • Terrace

The terrace of this house is quiet unique, while they changed the terrace to be balcony. The balcony placed after living room. But both rooms just separated with big glass. So when you stay in the living room you can see the balcony. In the balcony, there are two lounge chairs with coffee table. The balcony can be used as the relaxing place just to relax, read magazine or chit chat.

  • Kitchen and dining room

The dining room from the picture used to place in the middle of the house. Six chairs with a big table are enough for the small family. The kitchen placed separated with the dining room. To occupy the small room, the kitchen is designed to be vertical designed. So the cabin put in the both left and right side, meanwhile the middle space use to step up around the kitchen. That’s smart trick to utilize the small room.