4 Bedroom House Plans

Have a big family means should have a big house also. Well, today we will talk about something related with that, exactly about the four bedroom house plans. This four bedroom house plans consists of four bedroom, four bathroom, a living room, a family room, kitchen, terrace, and dining room. For the detail, just check it out.

  • Bedroom

The house is consists of four bed room that located deep inside the house. Those four bedrooms are confronting one another.

  1. Main bedroom that have king size bed with two single sofas, a television, dressing room which have a cupboard and a dresser, then a bathroom. This room is supposed belongs to the owner.
  2. Second main bedroom is almost the same with main bedroom but it’s a bit smaller. Consists of a king size bedroom with a television, there is one bench, a small dressing room with cupboard and a bathroom. This room maybe for their child.
  3. Regular bedroom with bathroom consists of king size bed with the television, cupboard and bathroom. This room can be as the guest bedroom.
  4. Regular bedroom without bathroom, this one have the same size with the current type. But there is no bathroom. So you should use the bathroom outside the bedroom. This room maybe as the maid room.
  • Living room

The living room of this house placed in the right side after main door. The size of this living room is very big. We can see that two big sofas set can be put there. The firs one is sofa set letter L and the second one is sofas set consists of three setter sofa and single sofas. The living room was designed to be at one with the family room. Big size of living room has benefits when there is family party or meeting.

  • Kitchen

Besides the living room, there are kitchen and dining room. The dining room has no block with the living room, but the kitchen had separate room. The dining room designed with whole glass window, so when you stay there you can see the outside and as the source of sun shine. The idea of kitchen have different room is great, because people in the living room will not see cooking activities and the smell will not spread out. Inside the kitchen, there is small room which is the washing room. You can put the washing machine there.

  • Terrace

Another important place is terrace. Why? This place is the place to get relax, the place for chit chat or just to looking at the environment. From the design, the terrace placed after the bedroom and also dining room. The big window of the dining room and bed room is going to the terrace.

Overall, this 4 bedroom house plan is complete enough. But maybe just for suggestion, you can use another living room can be the work room or makes the second floor. In the second floor just put 2 bedroom, family room, balcony, work room. Then in the first floor, you can maximize the dining room and terrace will be bigger or add Small Park.