42 Inch Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom vanity is kind of shelf, cabin completed with sink. As its bathroom vanity, it’s placed in bathroom. Basically, the function is to put the tools and bathroom needs. But some people decide to put decoration also to add the mood of comfortable in the bathroom. Sometimes there are also people who put mirror in the wall as the part of bathroom vanity. Currently, peoples choose to design their own vanity as the theme they applied. The size is also diverse such as 42 inch, 45 inch, single size and others. Below is some example or ideas for 42 inch bathroom vanity.

  • In the first picture, the bathroom vanity used to choose the warm idea. We can see the color of wood that give warm tone. The three doors shelf will be helpful for those who want to keep many things in the bathroom. Between the three shelf, the right one it to place the sink. There is also big mirror and the flower in front of it. The big mirror besides to reflect our self, it also will help to make the room looks bigger. In the left side of the bathroom vanity, there is towel place.
  • The second picture uses the white classic theme. This one is pretty simple. The shelf size is not cover all the vanity, but just ¾ high of bathroom vanity. The bottom is like open shelf as to put towel and container. The upper cover use grey marble and the sink located in the center. The mirror that they use is the big one as can cover all the vanity. The design is so simply classy, but there is still modern touch in the upper cover and sink.
  • This one, the theme is modern. Even though the most of the material is wood, but the design and marble can give the modern impression. As the vanity before, the sink is still in the center. The grey color combine with the white marble is the main thing of modern touch. The shelf below also consists of the big size with two doors and six small in the left and right. It will help you to organize your needs. This 42 inch vanity bathroom can be combined with the flower to give the aroma in the bathroom.
  • For those who loved the rustic modern style, this one can be your choose. The use of wood materials that combined with the black marble gives the modern touches. The shelf divided in four which are one big shelf and 3 small sizes. So the big one will helps you to put the towel and the small will helps to maintain or organize your needs. The sink is placed in the center and the simple flower beside.
  • Lastly, this one is for the modern style. It shows from the shelf, sink, design, lamp and mirror. There are seven shelf exists, the big one in the middle and the small around. The mirror also shows the modern touch and will give big room impression. We can see additional wall lamp modern style that harmonizes with the vanity.