5 Bedroom House Plans

Have a big family is an obligate to have big house also. It was caused by the number of rooms did not worth for the family member. Every house have different amount of bedroom, it based on their needs. For example 1 bedroom house, 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms until 5 bedrooms. Now we are going to talk about that, especially about the 5 bedrooms house plans.

5 bedrooms house plans is a plan of house that consists of 5 bedrooms. Actually the room of a house is all the same, the different is just the size and the amount of the bedroom. Generally, a house must have bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen and dining room. More than that is based on the owner needs. Below is about the 5 bedrooms house plans that you can choose as the inspiration.

5 Bedroom House Plans

The first picture shows 5 bedroom house plans in a floor. This one can be the best choice for those who need 5 bedrooms but don’t want to spend much money. Here they focus on the bedrooms. The rest are being united in one big room. We can see that those 5 bedrooms have not so much space, it just around 3 x 4 meter. Those all bedrooms also have no bathroom inside. That’s the way to minimize the space. In a bedroom there is just a bed, cupboard, and a desk. There is one room also that consists of two single beds, it might be for children. The living room is in one with family room. There are one three setter sofa and single sofa put in front of a television. Beside the living room, there is dining room with only 4 chairs. The house also consists of two bathrooms outside, exactly to outsmart the amount of people. The kitchen also has minimalist design behind the living room.

The second picture shows 5 bedroom house plans in a big house. In the picture we just see there are 3 bedrooms, but it’s actually 5 bedrooms. The other 2 bedrooms are in the upstairs. In this picture, those 3 bedrooms have big size with the bathroom and television inside. All of those bedroom also use the king size bed. In this first floor, there is also mini kitchen and dining room with six chairs. The living room is uniting with the family room, and then in front of living room there is terrace with two lounge chair.

Another 5 bedroom house plans in a floor. In this picture we can see there are 5 bedrooms which consist of 1 main bedroom and 4 regular bedrooms. The main bedroom has dressing room, television inside and the bathroom. Two bedrooms just with a bathroom inside and the rest have no bathroom inside. The design is very unique, the kitchen just placed in the small room. The living room also is uniting with the family room as by the sofa sets with television. The dining room is not separate; it placed after the living room.