Color Schemes for Living Rooms

Color is affected the theme and the design of the room. Colors also will give the impression for the people. That’s why we should choose the right color for a room. Usually the color schemes are based on the owner loved. But actually every color has different meaning and different affects for the people mood. The good combination of color also will give the certain impression. Below are the color schemes for living rooms. Color schemes itself likes a combination color or the colors that match each other to be a theme. Let’s check it out.

The first is sea palettes color schemes. Sea palettes color schemes liked the cooling colors. The color for sea palettes is more like dusty color such as grey, dusty pink, dusty green and dusty blue. Those colors will makes the people feel comfortable, calm and cool. Those colors also will make the room impression looks bigger. Usually those colors will combine with white color. The sea palettes color schemes is suitable for modern type of living room.

Second one is warm and cozy schemes. Warm and cozy schemes is use the colors of svelte sage, bolero, peppercorn, Fairfax brown, dovetail, ember glow and bake lite gold. Usually warm and cozy schemes are great for traditional type or the rustic theme. The color of warm and cozy schemes is stronger and brave. The warm and cozy schemes can be combined with wood or steel materials.

Third is aged hues, aged hues is the combination of blue sea, blue sky, grey and yellow. The color will give the people calm mood and peaceful impression. Stabil, smart and confident is the meaning of blue color. As we know that aged hues dominated by blue color, so maybe the impression of the room with aged hues will give the people stability in emotion likes feeling peacefully. The yellow color is sign of happiness and full of energy. So we can say that the aged hues give the positive emotion to the people and happiness.

Fourth is rustic cream schemes color. The word rustic shows that the dominant color will be brown or chocolate. The rustic cream not just give the touch of brown color but there is also the balancing color which is white grey and dark grey. The impression of rustic most is using the woody materials. This is going to be great if combined with green color. The rustic cream can be the color schemes for living room, especially for those who loved the neutral color. The goods of rustic cream as the schemes color for living room are easy to find the furniture that suitable for that.

Last is worn turquoise. The word turquoise is combination of wood color with the green turquoise. For those who loved the rustic or colorful, this might be your choice. The fact shows that green color is good for balancing. The combination of brown and turquoise will give the room warmer. You can combine or put this scheme color for living room with the fire places.