Contemporary Living Room Ideas

In the present, there are many themes or styles that are used in decorating the living room. Such as Scandinavian style, mid-century style, modern style, traditional style and contemporary style. Perhaps some people are often difficult to distinguish between the modern style and contemporary style. In fact, they are two different things. Contemporary has a design that is not rigid, so smoother in the curve. Contemporary color selection also more blends the colors but still form a series of integrated.

Contemporary design styles generally reflect the present in the sense that is going on. Contemporary style has the characteristics of a more spacious open, clean, neat. But contemporary styles will not be called contemporary within the next few years. Because contemporary styles will develop through the time goes.

The first contemporary living room design is used to the super large living room. The picture shows the style that use letter U sofa that has capability for many people. The design is prefer give the warm impression. The color that they use is not white, it’s more like cream. To give the air circulation inside the room, they put a plant inside and the fireplace in front of the sofas.

Second one is the all-white design. As we know that white is the color that never dies by the time. The color of white also will help to give wider look besides make it clean and tidy. The picture shows combination of pure white, broken white, steel and green leaf.

Third is monochrome. We are all know that the monochrome is now become a style. This living room and family room use the monochrome theme. While the wall is white but the furniture is darker. The colors are well combined. Maybe the design is so masculine, but its keep being stylist.

Here is another white dominant color. But this one is have some combination color which is like rustic color. This picture shows that the living room looks bigger with the white domination and supported by the big plants in the corner. Why? Because the amount of decorations just few, so it is not crowded.

Rustic living room is also one choice for the contemporary style. The rustic style will give the warm impression for the living room. To make the impression warmer, there is the fire places the light color supporting. There are just two materials dominant in that picture which are wood and steel. This style is now a day famous to use, so it can be your choice.

Lastly and the most youthful is stunning living room. Why? Because it is use the combination of bright color that integrated one another. The picture shows the dominant colors are blue and orange with the grey base. If you love the stunning style, it can be your choice. But the suggestion, please be careful in choose the color. Because if you do the mistake in choose the color, then it will be failed. If you are afraid to be failed, just check the color schemes in the internet.