Country Living Room Ideas

Country style in the interior design of a room is now also a trend. Country style is actually a design style that leads to the characteristics of a particular country. Such as for example are French, American, England and Italia. Each country has its own trademark each of course if applied in a room will give a distinctive impression. Country style is usually applied to the living room. Hence from that, this time we will discuss about country living room ideas.

But before, there will be a little explanation of the characteristics of country style traits. The first is usually the level of country style comfort is higher than the others. Although the actual layout of furniture and decoration looks a bit messy. Second is the traditional theme, which is meant here is the impression given should feel like we are in that country. In addition, give a natural impression such as the use of floral wallpaper or design stripes and plaids. The last is usually the country style has furniture with a relatively larger form.

The first image uses to choice the colors of brown and white. The picture above looks very clear like as the theme used in country side farmhouse. The designs that use are most rustic theme. On the back side, there is a DIY decoration of used goods such as stairs and windows. The sofa used is also a big sofa and some decorations are laid out a bit messy.

In the second picture also shows the side of the country living room. This is evident from the design of the brick-shaped wall on the back precisely at the place of fireplaces. In the living room this time also use the big furniture like characteristic of country style character, including plants, sofa chair, pendant lamp and also window on both side of fireplaces. The furniture material on the sofa set used is made of rattan with stripes design.

Third country living room ideas seen from the use of indoor materials such as walls made of wood or bricks on fire places. In the living room above is designed more open, other than that used ceramic also looks plain and natural. So that the atmosphere looks contained, the use of more patterned carpets. But the motive selection is not arbitrary, you should use motifs such as floral, stripes or rustic. To add an impression of nature in the room, the use of hanging plants on windows will also mean.

The last option is the more play in color. In this fourth picture, many color tones and patterns are used but do not give the impression tacky. On a single chair, the motif used is a red and white box and on the other seats are white plain and text red. On the carpet, the pattern used is floral red and white. Tips obtained is, whatever pattern is used, as long as the color is still worth it then it will not be a problem. The size of the furniture used was relatively bigger, so the room does not look narrow then the height of the room was designed higher.