Decorating Ideas for Living Room

Decorations is needed to make a room looks better and nicely as we want. Some of the decorations are multifunction instead to decorate the room. The decorations are actually depends on the theme that the owner used to use. There are a lot of decorations that can be used to decorate a room, such as lamp, rugs, wall decoration and others. Here are some decorating ideas for living room.

Display Flower
Display flower can be one of the decorations for living room. The display flower can be placed in the corner of the room. To make it more fabulous, you can put some kinds of flowers and combine with lamp. The flower display is usually having big size, but you can make it for small size display flower.

Floating racks
The floating racks are some racks put in the wall. Floating racks can be your choice especially for those who have small living room. The floating racks use to put the decorations such as miniature, flower or pictures. That is all back to you, but to makes it good. Please make sure that the decorations are fit in the theme. The floating racks are usually more than one rack.

Shoe rack
The shoe rack also can be the decoration for living room. The rack shaped likes triangle. But actually, the shape is based to you what you want to use. This shoe rack is kind of DIY or handmade. The materials are just some pieces of wood.

Stunning hanging mason jar
Actually the stunning hanging Mason jar is a wall decoration in one with the lighting. To get this decoration, you can buy in the furniture store or just make it by yourself as DIY. This stunning hanging Mason jar can be placed in the living room to give the extra lighting and also as the decoration.

Frame key holder
Another living room decoration is frame key holder. The frame key holder besides as the decoration, it is also as the key holder. You can put the keys there, so you will not hard to find the keys. It’s not hard to make the frame key holder, you just take the frame and make some hanger as the key place.

Photo display
Lastly, make photo display. The photo display is easy to make, just put some of photo with the frame in the wall. But, make sure that you will cluster it. To makes it looks good, maintaining the frame colors or makes the photo filtering. The photo that you can use is the family member pictures. With the same filter and color of frame, you will have good cluster of photo display. You can also be creative, by makes the shape of photo cluster.
The display flower, the photo display, frame key holder, shoe rack and floating rack are decorating ideas for living room. Besides those items, you can also make other living room decorations as the pictures shows above.