End Tables for Living Room

The living room may be less if is only filled by the sofa and a table. Sometimes we have to add certain ornaments to beautify the living room. Such as the addition of decorations likes wall decoration, lamps, rugs, shelves, or end tables. The end table is a small table that is usually placed in the corner of the room and cornered side between both sofas, sometimes is also a tip on the side of the sofa. The function of end table is diverse, can as a place to put decorations such as table lamp, flower, and others. The end table has a variety of variants, which we can adjust to our needs. The materials that used is also varies there from wood also from a steel and from the plastic. For more details, please check the following article.

The first is the cube end table. As the name suggests, this end table is have cube shaped. The cube end table made from wood. The unique side of the cube end table is in the bottom side that can be opened and can be a container to place the goods. So you do not have to worry about the mess, you just need to put it off in the container and then close it again.

Second is the traditional end table. The traditional end table has a form like a regular table but smaller than usual. The traditional end table has traditional design like table commonly and made from a wood. This can be an option for those of you who loved to use a rustic theme in your living room.

The third is still made from a wood. But this time has more unique shape that resembles from two vertical beam containers. Both can functioned as a container to place the goods to be more orderly. As with the second end table, this is also very suitable for those who have rustic theme and warm atmosphere in the living room.

This time we lead to the modern end table. The picture above shows that the material used is steel and also glass. The shape is very simple, with a foot-shaped of steel and also glass. This type of end table is more to the modern type of the living room. The color schemes of the wall that will suitable for this type of end table is bright gray, white or other neutral color.

For the fifth is a combination of wood and iron. For this end table type, it can be used for modern and traditional. The shape is unique and abstract like a tree shape. You can combine the with the steel material or the wood material.

The last one is a half circle end table. As the name implies, the scene is like a shape of half circle. To take advantage of existing space, at the bottom of the end table have are two racks vertically. So you can lay out the room decoration on the surface as well as on the shelf rack.