Front Living Room 5th Wheels – The fifth wheel is the 5 wheeled vehicle with the contents of a minimalist house. Inside the fifth wheels, there is a living room, kitchen and minimalist room such as a regular house. Usually fifth wheels using slide doors to minimize the space used, because the used of regular doors will make the space waste. Now we are going to talk about that thing exactly about the front living room 5th wheels.

The first, this one front living room 5th wheels has a size lower or not so high. Even though with the width that it has, the owners take advantage of the space by placing some large furniture. It was supported by the no decorations inside to make the room does not look full. The sofa that used in this living room is a three seater, two seater and two single seater. Because the design of the dominant room using wood materials, the use of yellow will be the right choice or suitable with the theme. On the edge, deliberately placed portable fire places to create a warmer room atmosphere.

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The second picture shows the open living room. The concept of this living room 5th wheels is opened that merged with the kitchen. It just separated by the stairs. From the picture we can see that the materials that use are wood and marble. Even though the wood give traditional impression, the addition of marble makes it looks modern style.

The third living room 5th wheels use is different with both style before. The color is brighter and all the rooms are in one floor. It makes the living room become wider. You can take the advantage by put additional decorations around and the television position is higher. The concept are still the same which is traditional that dominated by the wood stuffs. Because the color is brighter, the owner uses the dark carpet color to balancing the atmosphere.

Different with the design before, this living room looks cozy and calming. Maybe because the color that they use that totally neutral color and give the comfortable impression. The wall color also not a bright color, it just loo likes cream color. The sofa that they used is sofa bed and three seater without the table between it. As the other do, there are the fire places and the television above. For sure, this will make you very comfortable and cozy to stay in this front living room 5th ideas.

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Last is modern look of front living room 5th wheels. The design looks modern through the full carpet, sofa materials and the rack design. This living room looks wider than the living rooms before, we can see from the two small window in the sides of the rack. The use of lamp also helps to brighten the room, because all the design makes the rooms look dark. The weakness of this design is it wills makes the people who stay feel bored for the long time use and the impression is not make the people enjoy. It’s better to put some living decorations such as plants.