Full Size Bedroom Sets

Full size bedroom sets is only for those who have super big size of bedroom. Full size bedroom sets usually have big size furniture inside. All the furniture has similar design, because its one set. Full size bedroom sets makes the owner fells like king and queen. But to have full size bedroom, needs a lot of money. Logically, big size means much money. The treatment also needs a lot of money. Now, we will discuss a bit about full size bedroom sets.

  • Bed

The bed that used in full size bedroom set is super king size bed. While the size is 200 x 200 cm. That is so big, that’s why it’s better for a couple. The design of super king size usually modern and have good details. So when you are there, you will feels like queen and king.

  • Cupboard

The cupboard for full size bedroom is also big than the regular. Usually they used the big one such as five doors cupboard or even more. That’s back to your needs. The good example is actress cupboard in their dressing room.

  • Dressing room

Full size bedroom sometimes have dressing room inside. The dressing room is to put the cupboard, dressing table, shoes rack or bag rack. It’s all about the dress up. The size of dressing room is vary, based on the owner needs. If they have a lot of clothing, make up, bags, shoes, then it means the bigger dressing room they needs. The dressing room is not just to put those all things, but also the place to dress up.

  • Dressing table

Dressing table is important furniture for woman. The dressing table usually is the place to make up. Dressing table is consists of racks and mirror. All the makeup and accessories is put there.

  • Cabin

The cabin especially the small one is needs to be besides the bed. Usually there will be two small cabins. It aims as the place to put magazine, or stuffs. But upside the cabin is used to put the table lamp or just flower or it can be telephone.

  • Lounge chair

In full size bedroom sets also sometimes have lounge chair. The lounge chair can be single sofa or bench. It is still a part of set, so it has the same design. If the shape is single sofa, maybe it will put in the free space. If it shaped as bench sofa, maybe it will put in the end of the bed.

Benefits& weaknesses

  1. Need a lot of money to have full size bedroom sets. Because it’s all must be design together with the same design and same color. The wall paint also should need much than the regular room.
  2. Need big space because the stuffs are complete and have big size stuffs.
  3. Makes the owner feels comfortable as king and queen.
  4. Need maid to clean all the stuffs, it can’t be cleaned by your own self. Regard to the size that so big and the stuff also so many.