Gray Living Room Ideas

As one of the important space in every corner of the house, living room should be created as comfortable and peaceful atmosphere. The living room is a place where we receive the guests who come to visit our house. Each house has a different types of the living room depending on the size of the house itself. Sometimes there is a very spacious living room and other side there is also a small living room that combined with family room. Therefore it is very important in designing the living room as beautiful as possible.

The beauty and comfort of the living room also depends on the selection of the colors. Because color will affect the people’s mood. For that, a living room supposed to serve a match of color so it will not to be monotone or tacky. Well talking about that, now we are going to talk about living room color exactly a to discuss about the gray living room ideas.

Actually the gray color is a labile color or indicates doubt hesitation. The gray color is in the middle between black and white colors, no wonder if the color of gray has a dramatic impression but still be bright. The application of the gray color in a room, preferably combined with a bright color. This is to make the atmosphere live. But the dangers of incorrect gray usage combined can bring the boredom to the person occupying in that room.

First is the combination of all grey tones. As we know that every color has capacity of color tones like the percentage of the tone. In the picture, they used to combination of 20% gray, 50% gray and 80% gray tone. To makes the room brighter, the lighting should be maximum. Meanwhile, the big window or some spot for lamp can be your choice. Because monotone of gray color will makes the bored impression.

Second is gray and white combination with some green also turquoise. The gray color that used in the picture is dark gray, to balance the dark spot they us the white color. The percentage of white and gray color is balance, so there is no dominant color. Two neutral colors will feel less if not accompanied by a touch of color that is more varied. For that, in the picture above give a touch of green or blue colors. The additional of green color through the use of indoor plants and a touch of blue is given through the decorations of the room.

Third is the combination of dark gray, white and green lime. As the picture before, the green lime is an additional color to makes the room more varied. Because the use of dark gray color, it is still need maximum lighting. The use of big window size will be very useful.

The other color that can offset the darkness of the color gray is gold. The gold color is one of the strong colors. When it combined with the darkness of the gray color, it will create a new and different impression. In the picture above, we can see that the use of gold color is not just for a touch. But gold creates a more lively, spacious and bright atmosphere.