Grey Living Room Ideas – The color of gray is a combination of two neutral colors that are equally strong as black and white. Black color has a totally mysterious impression and white color is a clean and holy color. So the color gray is a color that has a mysterious but bright impression. Quite tricky in use of the color gray, because if wrong in terms of combinations it will make the atmosphere feel overlaid and sad.

The use of gray on the house design is usually seen in the modern style of the house. But what will be happens when the color gray is used in the design of a traditional house that is monotone with rustic impression and wood-based. Both of course have a very much different impression. For that, this time we will discuss about how if the two colors combined in this case is meant that the gray living room ideas combined with rustic style.

The first example of grey living room ideas is the combination of grey and rustic. The grey living room started from the grey bright color in the carper, actually it helps to make the rooms feel bigger. The grey color in the sofa actually is not so monotone because there will be the pillow patterns. To balancing the color, the use of white color as the wall based is a great idea. The rustic touch is just in the form of table. It is still suitable because the foot of the table have to use the black color.

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Second are the grey living room ideas that use more percentage of rustic touch. The grey accent is just placed in the sofa and all the colors. The different color just placed in the floor that still uses the wood color. Actually this type is a good combination while the color is still grey but the materials that use is wood. We can see from the table design looks so rustic but still with grey based color. The wall is design like the wood but use grey bright color.

The third one is also great combination. While the rustic can kick out the grey impression. Just see the gray items s just the sofa, accent table and carpet. Besides that was dominated by the rustic theme. Actually it is good to erase the bored impression of grey color. So it was totally changed. The good points are the room’s looks bigger, more neat and clean.

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This example shows the used of grey color that dominate the room. The grey color all are used in the bottom side, so to balancing it the white was placed in the roof and the wall. The accent of rustic color is shows from the table design. The color seems like layering of white, dark grey, rustic dark, grey bright and rustic bright. Actually this is good but the minus is just maybe the high of the room is not so high.

Well that’s all about the grey living room. Actually you can combine with all the rustic touch but make sure that both will be combined properly and the bored impression of grey will be off. Thank you