How to Decorate a Small Living Room

Small living room sometimes makes the owner confuse how to manage it. To decorate a small living room, we need some tricks such as the way to choose the room color, the property, the size and so on. Before we go to how to decorate a small living room, now we will brief explain about the theme. Theme for a living room is important. Why? Because with theme, we will know how to put the furniture and what type of furniture we are going to use.

Usually for small living room, people more choose the style of mid-century modern. Because the mid-century modern style is decorate the room with nature touch, use only two or three colors concept and most are use the neutral concept such as white or black. The mid-century modern makes the room looks bright, clean and fresh. Below is some idea for how to decorate a small living room.

The picture above use the concept of nature and white as it is like mid-century modern style. We can see the wood floor and some plants. Plants can be combined with white color, while it will be suitable. Use the plants for the decoration good to makes the room feels fresh and live. The examples to use the plants as decorations are choose the standing plants with white vase to make it same with the wall, put the aromatherapy plant in the table tray with candle or you can just make it creative as you like.

The second picture is also giving the inspiration about how to decorate a small living room. The size of the living room in that picture is maybe around 3 x 4 meters. They focus on the concept of white brown with the fire place to makes the room feels warm. Actually the picture not have so much decoration, they used the tree decoration. To simplify it, they use the wallpaper of tree a just add a tree wall paint above of the fireplace.

This one is use the monochrome theme, even the style is still mid-century modern style. One thing you should remember is the white color will always makes your room looks bigger aside from make it brighter and cleaner. See the use of white color as the domination color, the room is look bigger. You can just put some simply things like wall decoration and word wall painting. So the simply way how to decorate a small living room is just put white color, just add some small wall decorations and add the lamp. That’s it.

The last one is hanging shelf. Hanging shelf can be the furniture that you can use for how to decorate a small living room. Why, because the hanging shelf is help to manage the decoration. That’s very easy which is you just put the hanging shelf in the clean wall and put the decorations in the hanging shelf. You can put the decorations like miniature, the collections or put the some pictures like the example above. Just put whatever you like. The benefits of use the hanging shelf are the wall being cleaner and the decorations are just in one spot.