IKEA Living Room Ideas

IKEA is a retailer of furniture from Sweden founded in 1943. IKEA already have markets in some countries around the world. In Indonesia, IKEA made the cooperation with the local industry in Solo and Jogja. IKEA provides the home furniture for bedroom, kitchen, and living room until the small decorations. IKEA not just provide offline store, but the costumer also can buy the product in online store. The objective is to help the costumer who cannot go to the offline store.
In order to facilitate the costumer in finding the furniture, IKEA also provide the ideas in their store to inspire the costumer. So the costumer will not hard to find the furniture that suitable for their needs. The costumer can also use the IKEA application such as a virtual camera. Now, we are going to talk about the IKEA living room ideas to inspire the costumer.

The first living room uses a three seater, a two seater and single chair in the living room. With the table box that have multifunction such as the table and a box to store the goods. There are three open racks around the living room to put the decorations and book. The plants are put in the living room to refresh the air.

The second living room had to use the white color as the base. The white color is help to give maximize looks of the room. The use of black and orange is help to activate the fells. The living room is so simple with all white furniture. The decorations are placed in the wall such as square floating. The square floating has been coupled as the owner liked. The floating square will help to maintain the decorations aside to decorate the rooms. Beside the window, we can see the there are some plant to refresh the air room. The unique one is the ball lamp, it looks like a big ball that can be pulled.

Another living room idea is simply small. It more looks like reading room. This living room uses two big single chairs with a coffee table. Behind the chairs, there is medium book rack and tall book rack. The tall one is use glass cover. Above the medium book rack, there is wall display. Because the room is full of white, to balance the color there is colorful rug.

Green living room idea is for those who loved the green color. All the color is used for the wall, furniture and decorations. The chairs that use are three seater and single chair. There is also fireplace as the room heater. The green color of the room is making the rooms dark, so we need extra light. That’s why; this room uses the big window and some indoor lamps. Beside the window, they put the plants to refresh the room. The lamps used are two standing lamps and a table lamp. Those are all to help in brighten the room.
So, that is all about the IKEA living room ideas from IKEA official ideas. Hope it will help you to inspire you and thank you.