King Size Bedroom Sets

Welcome back, today we are going to talk about king size bedroom sets. As we know that king size bedroom is usually used by the couple. But it doesn’t mean that a single cannot use it also. The size of king bedroom is 180 x 200 x 35 cm. That’s why it needs the big room space. As we mentioned before that, we will talk or gives the idea of king size bedroom sets, so here is it.

  • The first king size bedroom sets is very simple. The bed all in one with two floating cabin besides. In front of the bed, there is also horizontal shelf. This horizontal shelf can be a bench. Because the cabin in the right and left is just a small one, so you can’t put big stuff above and heavy mass stuff inside.
  • Second is the white king size bedroom sets. From the picture we can see this king size bed used belongs to teenager. This bedroom sets is combine the stuff that stand separated. Such as the cupboard, shelf and bench. Thecolor also uses two tones which is white and blue Tosca.
  • The third is classic modern theme. Why? Because the color is supposed to be classy but the design is modern. There are four stuffs in one set bedroom that didn’t unite one another. This is suitable to the old couple. The color of woody brown will not makes the user bored of this design.
  • This one is use the white theme, even though the wall and floor color is not white. The white color will makes the room looks bigger and cleaner than other. Here there is a bed with two cabins in both sides that stand separated. There are cupboard in the left and dressing table in the left.
  • This one is modern style of king size bedroom sets. We can see from the monochrome color dominate the room. The bed style also isn’t the same with regular. There are two C cabins in two besides the bed. The shelf was designed united with the wall and television.
  • This king size bedroom sets supposed belongs to the girl. It shows by the dominant of pink colors. The style is modern feminine. There are king size bed, two cabins and the dressing cabin. It doesn’t need so much space because the cupboard all in one with dressing table.
  • For this one is basically same with the idea before. But maybe this can be used by male also. The feelings of this bedroom sets are calm, simple, modern, mechanism. The color was calm combined with the warm wall and wood stuffs. There is not so much stuff such as bed, cabin and dressing cabin. But it keeps the modern touch by the design. Why it called mechanism, just see the lamp and all the foot of the stuffs.

Well, those all are about the king size bedroom sets that can be one of your ideas. You don’t need to worry because you just choose one that suitable for. For your information, it is just an idea and you should not use to do the same as the picture. Just make it like an inspiration that will inspire you. Thank you