Living Room Curtain Ideas

Curtain is a fabric to cover the window. Nowadays, the era of development makes the curtain shape also have more variant of curtain panels. For an examples the west elm panel, world market, target, JCPenney, H&M, Pier 1, Z Gallerie, Urban Outfitters, and IKEA. The hanging panel also has several modes such as flip front with band, flip back with band, flip front & hang with clip rings, hang with rod pocket, hang with two colors, hanging with scarf, hang to apron, hang to floor, and puddle on floor.
The curtains can be put where the window placed. But usually, every room has different types of window even though the theme is still the same. Here are some of living room curtain ideas that can help to inspire you.

This living room curtain idea is supposed to use for white living room. It is called swap living room. This example uses the lace fabric that is not rigid. The mode is unique, while there are double laces that divided into two which are in the right and also in the left. To hold the curtain, they used the bond in both sides. This type is suitable for traditional and modern living room. But it is also suitable for all theme because the white color is match to all colors.

Top curtain is also usually used in the living room to layering after the regular living room. The top curtain will gives the curtain extra volume instead of looking good. Actually, the top curtain also can be used in the kitchen as in the picture or in the small window. Even though it wills not coverage all the window, but it makes look unique. The benefits of use top curtain in living room are to give additional decoration and to make the curtain more elegant as it gives extra volume. But the weaknesses are the price is expensive, need extra fabric, also hard to wash.

This curtain is three themes curtain that use the white color, blue color and combination of both color. Actually the design and the color its back to the owner, which one you love to use. The good things are use two tone colors which mean that we can fit the color with the living room theme. The three themes curtain also gives the modern look of the living room.

Things to consider before selecting curtains are the room they will hang in, color, style and design elements such as curtain hardware and embellishments.Pick curtain hardware that enhances the style of your curtains by adding a dimension to the overall effect.Attach design elements such as decorative tiebacks, valances, shades or blinds as appropriate to the decor.Select fabrics that will meet your needs whether you desire privacy, insulation or a touch of elegance.

The other one is traditional curtain. The design is so simple, the different is just the fabric type, color and windows mode. This curtain use the thick fabric, it will help to make the room warmer than usual. This type is suitable for traditional living room. To make the looks more unique, just pull the knot crosses like the picture above. To give additional traditional impression, put some traditional decorations.
Well, those all about the living room curtain ideas. Actually to make it suitable for your living room, the first thing is decide the theme of your living room. For an example, when you have the modern living room, then you should use the modern furniture also.