Living Room Wall Art

In terms of decoration, decorating the wall is also one of the important things. Because when the wall is very empty it will feel something is missing. Wall decoration can use lights, or ordinary decorations that are especially devoted to hanging. You can decorate your walls using paintings, photos, plants, lamps, mirrors and more. Or you can use the wall art as the alternative.

Wall art itself is a wall decoration that focuses on the value of art. Usually wall art has a higher creativity value. So that what is displayed is not just an ordinary decoration. Sometimes have a certain meaning or value. Certainly wall art will have a fairly high selling value. But you do not have to worry, because the wall art is can created through your own creativity. If you think that is hard, then just see the DIY in the internet.

Gallery wall
Gallery wall is a collection of images that form a fusion. Gallery wall does not always require the photos and also does not require a certain size. Everything is free as long as it remains organized. To minimize it should be designed frame that will be used in the form of images and also specify some color tone options only.

The mirror also turned out to be used as wall art. Did you know that the fact mirrors can make the room seem more spacious. Mirrors can also be used as a living room wall art. So that, mirror is not only to reflect and give the impression widely but also to decorate a room. You do not need to worry because the actual type of modern mirrors is also already widely provided in the furniture stores. If you want more unique, you can combine mirrors and photos beside.

Modular hexagon hanging
Modular hexagon hanging is a hexagon-shaped hanger. But this form of a series formed from several pieces of hexagon. Modular hexagon hanging can be used to put decoration of the room. Like a creeping plant to help fresh air indoors. In addition to plants, you can also put a small light bulb or series of photos. You can make the modular hexagon hanging by yourself using the wire and see the tutorial in DIY.

Painting canvas
Painting is never lost from the wall art. Painting besides having a beauty, it is also always keeping a certain meaning. Painting now has been designed more interesting that is divided into several series of canvas and later will be resembles a whole picture. Although priced at a fairly expensive, but it will guaranteed not disappoint. This canvas can be the only option to be placed on one side of the wall for whole.

Words of letters
One of the wall art that can be an option is a series of letters that form the word. Preferably no more than five letters selected so it is not too crowded. Should it is still seem more simple. You can also combine the letters with other decorations such as the letter O that forms a mirror or added to the plant.