Macy’s Curtains for Living Room – Curtains are one of the important elements in the decoration of the living room. If you are looking for macy’s curtains for living rooms, then you will find many choices of beautiful and attractive curtains.

Macy’s shop is one of the famous shops from America that has started operating since 1858. Many products are sold at Macy’s stores, one of which is the curtain category for the living room.

Besides being well-known in America, Macy’s stores also expanded in several countries by opening official stores. One of Macy’s store sales targets in Asia is Malaysia.

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Macy’s Curtains for Living Room

Curtains or curtains can not only be installed on the window. Now the curtain has many functions that can beautify your room.

One type of curtain that is a trend in the interior world is portiere. This curtain is usually installed at the door to give the impression of luxury as well as elegance in the room.

You can be creative with the portiere to give a different touch to the interior of the house. What are the functions of portiere? This is the inspiration

  1. Decoration on the Door
    For the main door or front door, you can use a large curtain with additional straps. Pleated accents at the top give a royal and luxurious impression. Choose soft colors like dusty blue or light yellow so as not to look excessive.
  2. Room Separator
    Portiere curtains can also be a room separator if you do not have a permanent partition in your home. Wearing curtains as a room separator can also save expenses on home renovation. Put the curtain as wide as the room and make it as a partition between the living room and family room, TV room and dining room, or whatever you want.
  3. Creating Privacy
    Linen curtains can be used to cover privacy areas inside the house. For example a bathroom, a sheath of a bed in a room or when there is a corner of a house that wants to be a workspace.
  4. Storage Room
    For a minimalist home, you can use the portiere curtain as a storage space. Place a large shelf to put various items or furniture, then cover with the curtain.

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Macy’s Curtains for Living Room

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