Mid-century Modern Bedroom

Mid-century modern style is an architect style that shows the development in 20 century. It has ever been exists in the year of 1950 and rearise in the 1983. The characteristics of mid-century modern bedroom such as have detail of the corner, combination two or three materials, have short leg, and use many glasses, the asymmetric looks and the flat roof. The materials that used in mid-century modern style are real wood, pure stone, oak and pine. The objective is to integrate the nature inside the house, so the house will look live.

The mid-century modern style is applied to the house style, room style and also the furniture. Nowadays, the mid-century modern style is one of the style that most used by the people, instead of Scandinavian style. Because the mid-century modern style is looks modern with the classic style. Usually it’s bigger than other style. Today we are going to talk about the mid-century modern bedroom.

The first mid-century modern bedroom called bed frame big lots. The picture shows that there are only two dominant colors which are white and green. The design looks so natural with the plants and wood floor. The white color of the wall give big size room looks. The bed is king size steel bed with white bedcover. To solve the color transition between wood floor and the black steel bed, the owner uses the bright brown with black lines rug. Upside of the bed, there is floating rack to put the plants. The plants give nature impression inside the bedroom. Because the plants already cover the wall, to make it simple the owner put two big leaf pictures with white background.

Second is bright and trendy mid-century modern bedroom style. The second picture is having big difference with the first one. The second picture has many colors such as navy, green leaf, brown, black and white. But the domination one is just white color. The white color makes the room looks bigger. To give the nature impression, there are two plants the big one stand in the floor and the small one upside of the nightstand. There is lounge chair after the bed. To make the room bigger, the owner just put one wall decoration above the head bed. Tips that we get from this picture is no matter how many colors we use, at least those picture is not dominant at all.

Third picture is more likes man design. This mid-century modern bedroom style uses the dominant of white and black colors with the touch of wood in the roof and floor. We can see that it looks cleaner than others. The decoration also did not make the room looks full. In the picture, there are only big word paint upside the head of bed, the unique lamp upside of the nightstand and the fur bedcover. The bed is also full of white with pillow in the color of black and white. This type of bedroom is suitable for unisex, but maybe more to man’s room.