Studio vs 1 Bedroom

Nowadays, people not just can live in the house. In the modern era, there are a lot of residence place and there is apartment. Apartment is like a lot of house in a building. It’s not house, it is called studio. The concept of apartment is more like hotel. Sometimes people are confuses to choose apartment or house, especially 1 bedroom house. It’s a bit similar but actually it different. Both are have advantages and disadvantages. Today we are going to talk about that, but first we will brief explain about both things.

Studio apartment is a room that has some rooms inside. All the rooms are merged to be at one. In a studio apartment consists of living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and dining room. Usually the apartment already has the certain concept or theme. The apartment is we buy when it’s already done and ready to stay in. apartment also provide all the stuffs and furniture, so we just pay to the enterprise for all. The apartment is not the same with the house because we stay in a building that have owner. Simply likes people’s building and we have room there.

In the other side, a house is a building that we have the land and the house. One bedroom house is having one bedroom and other rooms like common house. The size of one bedroom house is based on the size of the land and how much the owner wants to. One bedroom house have living room, kitchen, dining room and bathroom. But the owner feels free to make the other room also. After know about the studio apartment and one bedroom house, now we will see the advantages and the disadvantages of both.

Studio apartment
– We can buy after all is ready. The design, the furniture is designed by the building owner. So we don’t need to be busy of that.
– Studio apartment is expensive than one bedroom house.
– The apartment, we are not the owner of the building but just the studio. If something bad happens and it’s broke, we got nothing even the land.
– Studio apartment is already having good quality of furniture.
– Studio apartment is well designed.
– Most of studio apartment have open concept. All the rooms are merged into one.
– We can’t explore our creativity though maintain the room. Because the every studio is already designed as it.

One bedroom house
– The owner has more privacy. Because a house’s concept is consists of separate room. So when we want to stay alone, we just can go to the bedroom.
– To design the house is pretty hard, if we want to manage by our own self we must be creative. But if we want designer interior, we should pay.
– We should buy the furniture by our own self.
– We can minimize the money, by choose good quality product with cheap price.
– We own the land and the building.
– In a house, we can make Small Park or pool.
– We should manage the entire thing by our own self.