The Living Room Theater – What is the living room theater? Living Room Theater is the combination of the words living room and home theater. The living room is the place where the owner house accepts the guest and home theater is a set electronics that usually placed in the family room. Combination of the living room and family room is common happen. Both are actually two different things but can be in one. That usually happens to the minimalist house that has no more space to separate both rooms.

So what is actually Living Room Theater? Living Room Theater is the same with combination of living room and family room. But the different is just the electronics that they used is big television like as in the cinema or theater standard. The living room theater is now widely used everywhere. This is for sure has its own advantages such as to minimize the use of the room or to make the living room atmosphere warmer. It means that to bring closer relationship between owner and guest. So that the guests will be feel like being at their own home. Here are some examples or idea of Living Room Theater.

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The picture above shows that the living room of an apartment. Even though the television size is not so big the atmosphere feels like in the theater. The floor is made by the wood to warm the air. The design is unique like the roof a house. The simply small lamp that spread out in the roof will makes the people feels like a sky. To give additional theater atmosphere, the sofas that use are sofa lounge. Four sofas are enough for a family member.

The second picture is actually the same with the first one which placed in the roof. But this type is suitable for many people. While the sofa that they use is letter U sofa, that’s why a lot of people can stay there. The theme that used in this type is rustic, almost all the sides of the room are use the wood materials start from the roof, window, chairs and table. To make the room not too monotone, the use of colorful decoration will be helpful.

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This one is more like theater. The use of very big screen will makes the people who watch in that screen will feels like the cinema. The rooms feel so comfortable with the use of bean bag chairs and rugs. So the people will watch the movie while lay their body in the chair or carpets. Actually this one is the most cozy living room theater especially if you have many family members. This can be the place for weekend and you will not be bored.

Last is contemporary the living room theater. Why? Because all the design shows the contemporary style. The colors that use in this living room are neutral color which is combination of white, black and gray. Those three colors are actually a good combination, but it will makes the room looks dark. In the picture we also see that they use the fire places, so maybe the fire places is aims to make the room warmer and the people will feel cozy. The cons of this type are the sofa that consists of some two and three seater sofas, so that the people will hard to lay their body in the chair.